Article in Orange County Lawyer on Service of Process by Social Media


It seems appropriate that my first blogpost on the Cates Peterson website is an announcement of my article in the current issue of Orange County Lawyer magazine entitled:   “Is California Ready For Service of Process by Social Media?”  (it starts on page  37)

The article is a short discussion of a fascinating case from New York in which a judge allowed service of process to be made by Facebook Messenger — and no other means.  Do you think we’re ready for this?  Everyone I’ve talked to about this recoils from the idea at first, but when you think about it a little bit longer why is it better to publish a legal notice in the Orange County Register?  When was the last time you went to that section of the newspaper to look for anything?  Or better yet — when was the last time you looked at a print version of a newspaper at all?

Kathleen O. Peterson